Guldpriset på väg upp

På onsdagseftermiddagen handlades guldet på tremånadershögsta efter oro

Det som handlas är dock så kallat pappersguld och inget fysiskt guld flyttas från en person till en annan.

Här under finns en enkel och bra förklaring på pappersguld från iGolder


The term paper gold means you have a piece of paper acting as a  substitute for the physical gold.  With paper gold, you don’t own the gold;  you own a promise to receive physical gold.  In plain English, it means you  are a creditor of the corporation issuing the paper gold certificate, thus  subject to counterparty risks.  Owning the physical gold has no counterparty risk and  is fully under your control.


Examples of paper gold are gold certificates issued by banks and mints, pool accounts, futures accounts and the NYSE listed exchange-traded fund.  With these products you own a piece of paper rather than physical gold.  These paper products give you exposure to the gold price; you can make a profit by selling them to someone wishing to own paper gold, however when the music stops and nobody wants to purchase paper anymore, it becomes worthless since you may not be able to redeem your metal.



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